Hello, I'm Brian.

I’m a collaborative Design Leader who’s helped shape innovative products alongside real people for over 20 years.


Some of My Work

Production Platform

Production Platform

Shutterfly 2019

Film Production Management

Entertainment Partners 2012-2016

Skill-Based Volunteerism

Common Impact 2019

Corporate Website

PacerPro 2020

Design System

RideScout 2015

Personalized Recommendations

Jybe 2012

Data Repository for Intuit Employees

Intuit 2012

Various Project

wikiHow 2010-2016

Mortgage Match

Move.com 2009

I Believe ...

Design is done best when done together.

It is better to ask a great question than to give a good answer.

True empathy is when understanding inspires action.

Having more seats at the table lets more share in the feast.

Curiosity breeds innovation and cultivates positive transformation.

The fastest path to trust and understanding is through the ears.

Serving my clients means serving their customers first and foremost.

Design decisions are clearest when viewed through research and data.

The experience belongs to the participant.

The most effective designs are often invisible.

Technologies primary role is to serve humans.

The user experience is great when users say it's great.