Hear from some of the people I've been fortunate to collaborate with.

Brian is a joy to work with on a daily basis. Always level-headed and always fair, he consistently raises the Intellect bar. He is passionate, dogged, and yet very very much a team player. His focus is broad, his expertise is deep, and he always provides valuable input to any problem you can throw at him.

Gino ZahndFormer Founder & CEO at Cozy

Brian combines the skills of a product manager, hci expert, web designer and a developer, in one unique package. People like him are extremely difficult, almost impossible to find. It's a pleasure working with him and watch him generate and most importantly, execute, unique ideas.

Vineet JainFounder & CEO at Egnyte

It was a pleasure to work with a seasoned professional like Brian. His ability to motivate his team, work through inherited issues, and produce results was impressive. He is one of those rare analytic and creative types that always produces at a high level. The big bonus...he is fun to work with....which is a plus at any level.

Traci ObermanSenior Director, HR at UpLift Inc.

Brian and I worked together building sidestep's first revision of a full fledged website. It was the first iteration of Sidestep's smart sort. Brian was the key figure in defining the look & feel, and the interactions of the user. He is very skilled in not just creating pretty pictures, but also analyzing the user interaction, measuring the extent a screen is 'actionable', etc. He also coded the html/dhtml/javascript for the pages. When we started a full conversion of the application to use CSS, he was key in getting that done. Brian also is very skilled at eliciting feedback, and dealt very skilfully with engineers that didn't mince many words. He also took initiative in organizing brainstorming sessions and invited diverse set of ppl from various sections of the company. It was definitely a significant loss to the company when he left us for greener pastures.

Natraj GujranCEO at Niche Soft Inc.

I teamed with Brian to bring user-centric design methodologies to SideStep, resulting in a rash of innovative features. Brian is an extremely talented designer, a compassionate and effective manager, and a user evangelist. Brian always treats the user as king and is able to communicate that vision to product management and engineering.

Mark JohnsonCEO at GrainBridge

I had an opportunity to work with Brian for a year at Kosmix. Brian is a great manager, he is always very fair and respectful of other people's roles. He is a very talented designer, has a keen observation, attention to detail, and clarity of thought. Brian wants to design for people in a way that provides value. He listens to everyone's ideas in the team, provides meaningful feedback and clearly communicates his ideas and the rationales behind.

Shveta AnejaUX Lead at Google

Blending design skills with the ability to communicate ideas effectively makes Brian a rare and exceptional talent. He excelled at helping our marketing team continually improve our site’s user experience and interface. He listens well and provides great feedback. And Brian always understood and focused on the ultimate goal; increase sales conversion ratios.

Mitch McCoyVideographer at Mitch McCoy Photography

Brian provided good ideas to Product teams and showed great creativity and quality work for all the projects that we worked together. He is a good communicator and able to sell his concepts successfully. I find it a pleasure working with him and a great team player. Will not hesitate to have him in my design projects.

Andrew ChanProduct Manager at Gap, Inc.

Brian is an exceptionally talented user interface designer. He consistently puts user needs first, while adeptly balancing competing business and technology needs. Brian added a ton of value to our team and was a joy to work with. I would be delighted to work with him again!

Meredith HanVP of Product at Flyhomes

Having Brian join the travel team at Yahoo was a breath of fresh air. He was very quickly able to jump right in and create compelling, well thought out designs that made the FaceChase product a lot easier to use. Efficient, expressive and a clear communicator - I would love to work with Brian again on future web design projects.

Basil HashemVP, Product Development at Yotascale

I had the pleasure of working with Brian for over a year at Kosmix. As a creative/conceptual member of the product team, I worked with Brian closely on multiple projects so that design and product would be closely aligned in vision and execution, and I was happy in both working with him and the quality of work he produced.

Brian is a talented and imaginative designer who is always actively thinking about what is best for the end user. As designers go (and I have worked with many in varied fields from web design to fashion and interior design), Brian stands out from the rest with the uncanny ability to envision the entire conceptual design task at hand, whether big or small, and provide multiple solutions and suggestions as to how to best appeal to the end user's intuition and sensibilities. Whether his particular tastes are aligned with what he designs is secondary to what is best for the user or client. It is usually very difficult for designers to reconcile their own individual tastes and preferences with what is actually best for the end user, and this type of humility and active thinking is a hallmark of Brian's work.

Working with Brian was stimulating, exciting, and a genuine pleasure; and I feel lucky to have worked with him, and look forward to when our paths will cross again on future projects.

Matthew KrajewskiProduct Inclusion & Accessibility at Indeed.com